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These natural soy candles are hand-poured using premium ingredients. Each candle burns clean and true-to-scent for 60 hours. Click on the candles to shop all of our scents.

Coaching with Julie

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This is a 3-month program that includes a 90-minute kick off session that sets your vision and goals, and then a 3 month plan you work towards to accomplish your goals. You meet in person or via skype every two weeks to evaluate and evolve your plan and have unlimited access to Julie via email. This is a great way to set goals, have a plan to accomplish them, accountability partner and someone who helps you to navigate when it gets touch. Julie can cover fitness, nutrition, career, relationships, confidence, mindfulness, purpose and more!

Gift Cards

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Save up to $40 on our discounted gift cards which can be used for anything from our Seven store! View options below.

Manifest Meditation Club with Julie Wilkes

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Julie offers a daily live meditation, recorded meditation series, and weekly live interaction/discussions. The focus of her meditations is on manifesting the life we want, aligning our thoughts with our goals, and rewiring our brains to respond to life in powerful ways. You can follow the general Manifest Meditation Facebook page and receive a weekly meditation and tips. By joining this private club, you'll get exclusive access to daily meditations and live weekly interactions with Julie.

The 7 Life Miracle Sprays

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The 7 Life Miracles book & merchandise

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Julie Wilkes, author of The 7 Life Miracles, is herself a miracle. Born with a heart compared by doctors to Swiss cheese, her mother was told to hold her and love her because she might only live for minutes. Minutes grew to hours, then days, weeks, months, and now years. Julie attributes this miracle in her life to seven miracles. She feels she was given life to share these miracles with others-so that they can experience miracles in their own lives. The uniqueness of these miracles is that they are already in place in all of our lives-we just need to unlock them. Ms. Wilkes’ describes her own struggles with challenges along her LifeMap. She states, When you were born, a roadmap-your LifeMap-was placed in your imaginary back pocket. It remains there for your entire life. It is there to remind you of the journey you are on, to help you learn and grow as your soul intended.

The JW Signature Series

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The Julie Wilkes personal signature series line of candles & sprays. Enjoy all 3 scents: Soothe, Zen & Dream.

Workshops with Julie

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Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga Teacher Training 2020! Our next Yoga Teacher Training Session Kicks off January 11, 2020 and will run through June 5, 2020 with holiday weekends off. You can pay in full for an early bird rate or select a payment plan option.

Yoga Wear

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Seven's own custom line of inspired clothing! You voted on it - these were your top picks! More to be launched throughout the year!